Special Seminar

May 25 (TUE)


What is the sales strategy for Sakura Award-winning wines?

The Sakura Award is a wine competition by female sommeliers, which is rare in the world. It had the largest number of entries even COVID-19. The presentation will include specific examples of how "award-winning wines" can be used to increase sales at mass merchandisers, convenience stores and websites where wine sales are strong.

Yumi Tanabe “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards / President

Ms. Yumi Tanabe was born in Ikeda town, Hokkaido where is a well-known as wine producing area. Her father was the pioneer who founded the first winery there called Tokachi winery. She had studied Mathematics at Tsuda University in Tokyo and stayed in New York for taking the education of Wine & Spirits at Cornell University. In 1986, she established “Wine & Wine Culture Co., Ltd.” and organized “Yumi Tanabe’s Wine School” to develop the wine professionals from 1992. In 2009, French government awarded her “L'Order du Merite Agricole” to express the appreciation for her achievements of establishing the wine culture in Japan.
In 2013, she established “SAKURA” Japan Women’s Wine Awards, which is an international wine competition judged by Japanese female wine specialists.
In 2015, she was appointed as an Honorary President of Hokkaido Wine Academy, sponsored by Hokkaido Government to train grape growers and wine producers.


Olive+Wellness a new possibility

The new normal after the Covid pandemic, the idea of "Olive+Wellness" is attracting public attention. Mr Matsumura will give some tips for creating new value of olives.

Shigenori Matsumura Olive Wellness Ltd. / President

Mr Matsumura was impressed by the delicious Italian cuisine during his study abroad in Italy. After returning to Japan, he opened an Italian restaurant that focusing on olive oil. After that, in order to let more people know the wonderfulness of olive oil, he established Primolio Japan Corp. , an import and sales company specialized in olive oil. Currently, along with his partner Mr Yoichi Kanamaru, he has also established Olive Wellness Ltd., which offers new value propositions for olive wellness, and Mr Matsumura works as the president of the two companies.


Catch up the trends of wine(Arranged by WINE KINGDOM Publishing Inc.)

Wine trends change as food and lifestyle change. This seminar gives you a tip to solve the problem of "what kind of wine should I handle from now on?" What is "ethical consumption" that is rapidly spreading in Japan? Under the growing health and safety consciousness, "Organic wine-growing district" demand continues to grow. Mr Morigami will talk about wine trends that we want to keep in mind, such as "non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic", whose needs are increasing worldwide, especially among the younger generation.

Hisao Morigami Sommelier

Mr Morigami has "International ASI Sommelier Diploma" and won many prizes in competitions. Finalist of the 2nd "JAS Sponsored Blind Competition".
He is active in a wide range of activities such as guidance on the behavior of the performers of the TV drama "The Chef of the Ambassador", overseas tours and local events.
The author of "How to enjoy wine and food pairing"


Olive oil from EU × Japanese Food The Perfect Match! Seminar

Thanks to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and the EU, ingredients from EU is more reachable than before. In this seminar, we will introduce the advantage of European olive oil and The Perfect Match! recipes which use EU Olive oil and Japanese ingredients.


Nori Ogido

Italian cooking specialist, JSA-certified sommelier, and Italian government-certified olive oil taster. In 1998, she went to Italy to study cooking. After training in a ristorante, she studied Italian local cuisine, ingredients and olive oil. She is also a jury member of the World Olive Oil Competition, and conducts seminars to promote olive oil, ingredients, and cuisine in both countries with national universities, government agencies, olive producers, and chefs.

Keisuke Ogido

Born in Osaka. After graduating from a vocational school in Kyoto, he joined the long-established ristorante "Divo-Diva" in Kyoto. After visiting in Italy in 1998 and 2003, he opened "Ristorante ARTE SIMPOSIO" in Shukugawa. His experience in learning from the local cuisine and classics of the 20 Italian provinces is behind the creation of his playful and artistic dishes.

May 26 (WED)


Rediscovering Osaka's Wonders: Pushing the Reach of Osaka Wine to the World

Osaka wine was served at the 2019 G20 Osaka dinner party and received high praise from guests around the world.
This seminar is a talk session that introduces the history, the thought of producers, and talks about hints for regional revitalization.

Toshihiro Takai Katashimo Wine Foods Co.,Ltd. / Representative Director

April 1976
Joined Katashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.
April 26, 1996
Appointed Representative Director
October 11, 2012
Appointed Chairman of Osaka Winery Association
June 25, 2016
Appointed Chairman of Kansai Winery Association in 2016
December 19, 2019
Appointed Chairman of West Japan Winery Association in 2019

Being the first company in Osaka with vineyards being certified as eco-agricultural and also being the first winery to manufacture Grappa in Japan, we continue to actively engage in innovative businesses. In order to improve the quality of wine, we have actively challenged ourselves by participating at contests like the Monde Selection, Japan Wine Challenge, China Wine Spirits Award, Furusato Food Central Contest, etc., and besides winning numerous overseas awards we also received Japanese Awards including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award which we we received even three times. We strive for a winery that goes hand in hand with the community, and have been selected as one of the 300 SMEs that do their best, including the SME Innovation Support Law, the Regional Resource Utilization Business Plan, and the Comprehensive Business Plan. We work hard to connect our 130-year-long history of vineyards to the next 100 years.

Hiroshi Mizohata Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau / President

Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1960, Mr. Mizohata graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School for Law and Politics in 1985 and joined the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2002 he became the Director of Planning and Cultural Promotion for Oita Prefecture, and in 2004 was appointed as President of the Oita Football Club Co., Ltd. where he led the team to victory at the 2008 J-League Cup. In 2010, Mr. Mizohata became Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, and in 2012 additionally served as a Special Advisor to the Cabinet of Japan, as Special Advisor to Osaka Prefecture, and as Special Advisor to Kyoto Prefecture. He took on his current role as President of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau in 2015.


Introducing the best EVOOs in the world

Recognizing the “premium” quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and tips to perceive the quality; presentation of the award winning producers and the best extra virgin olive oils in the world according to the results of the EVO IOOC Italy

Online participation

Dr Antonio G. Lauro

EVO IOOC Italy - International Olive Oil Contest / CEO & Founder of EVO IOOC Italy

He graduated as agronomist, is an international olive oil consultant, educator, journalist and panel leader; assessor of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) since 1995 and an International panel leader since 2003 in compliance with IOC rules.


Montes de Toledo's olive oil, Cornicabra, an unique variety

In the center of the Iberian peninsula lies a group of low mountain ranges known as the Montes de Toledo. The olive oils produced here have traditionally been very highly regarded by experts because of their extraordinary quality, due to climate and soil conditions that are exceptionally favorable for growing olive trees, as well as to the use of the “Cornicabra” olive variety. In tasting, this extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its intense fruitiness and balanced flavor, in which notes of green grass, almond, apple, tomato, vegetables and aromatics stand out. Learn about the history of these oili oils and taste them.

Online participation

Enrique García-Tenorio Montes de Toledo Protected Designation of Origin / Director

Agricultural Engineer, olive oil taster and jury member in various national and international olive oil competitions such as Olive Japan, Iberoleum, Evooleum, Australian International Olive Awards and others.
CEO of the Foundation “Montes de Toledo Olive Oil”, responsible of management, promotion and product certification of this Protected Designation of origin and its tasting panel of virgin olive oils, recognized by IOOC.


”Olive pruning on Vinci Hill” Live broadcast from Italy by EU approved Agricultural pruner

About "pruning" which is indispensable for cultivating healthy olives, a Japanese EU certified agricultural pruner will explain the practical pruning method reporting from Italy. She will also explain about the situation in Vinci village where she lives.

Online participation

Maki Obata Olive Wellness Ltd. / EU approved Agricultural pruner

An EU certified agricultural pruner living in Vinci, Tuscany, Italy. In 1995, Ms Obata moved to Florence, Italy to advance her career as an interior designer. After that she moved to Vinci Hill, the home of Leonardo da Vinci. In 2014 she passed the EU Certified Agricultural Pruner Exam. She is currently the only Japanese female pruner who maintains olive groves with natural circulation while assisting in biodynamic vineyards.


The goal of 2025 World Exposition

The joint seminar with concurrent shows.

In this seminar, we will explain about the concept and the thema of the Osaka World Exposition.
In addition, we will aloso explain about the latest situaton of preparations and basic plans and how companies can participate in the Expo.

Akinobu Takami

Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition / Deputy Director, Planning department, Planning Breau

He joined Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. in 1991. He has experience in sales, planning, regional support, business staff, etc. He worked in the Osaka Prefecture Commerce, Industry and Labor Department from 2009 to 2011. For the last two years, worked at the Center for Development of Power Supply Regions. Since July 2019, he has been engaged in planning-related work at the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition. He belongs to the Japan Society for the comparative study of civilizations and Forum for Entrepreneurial studies. He is a Japan small and medium enterprise management consultant association (qualified).

May 27 (THU)


Organicwine Petit Seminar

Explain organic wine in an easy-to-understand and concise manner so that you can understand it in 30 minutes.

Toshiyuki Horii Japan Organic Wine Association / Chairman

Established Japan Organic Wine Association in 2019 to spread organic wine throughout Japan to learn. the right knowledge of organic wine.
As an institution, we regularly hold certified courses for organic wine sommeliers. At ZOOM so that you can take classes from all over Japan.
Lectures are also held every other month.


Introducing high quality olive oil from Kagawa prefecture!

Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, started the first trial cultivation of olives in Japan in 1908. Cultivation has spread throughout the prefecture, and its excellent quality is highly evaluated both at home and abroad as a top runner in Japan's olive oil producing areas.
Introducing the finest olive oil produced in Kagawa prefecture, which is packed with the techniques and commitment of producers cultivated with history.

Kajino Youko Kagawa Prefecture / Deputy chief

The Fruit Trees and Olives Group, Agricultural Production and Distribution Division, Agricultural Administration and Fisheries Department, Kagawa Prefecture, is in charge of disseminating the "Kagawa Olive Oil Quality Labeling System".


Know the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olive Oils around the world

It is said that there are more than 1650 olive varieties in the world.
There are many types of olive oil, but only extra virgin olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, polyphenols, and tocopherols. Then how do you choose extra virgin olive oil?
Each country has government-approved appraisers who detect daily tastings, production guidance, competition reviews, and camouflage. Introducing true extra virgin olive oil through activities as a taster in Italy and judge panelist in competition.

Michiyo Yamada

She has lived in Italy for the last 40 years. She was an editorial director of "amarena", a monthly magazine specialized in the Italian fashion, art and culture, and now writes articles about fashion, interior, culture and food for several Japanese magazines and other media. She is the first Japanese officially qualified as an olive oil taster by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. She participates as a member of judge panels in the international olive oil competitions not only in Italy but also in New York, Copenhagen as well as in Tokyo.

Concurrent Show